They say it’s good to have goals. Every Saturday, mine is to complete the Saturday New York Times crossword puzzle, in ink, without errors.

Today I came close, but unfortunately I spelled ‘Lon Chaney’ incorrectly on my very first entry.


If you want to play along, here were the clues:

1 It means "father of" in Arabic
4 Catty remark?
7 Rated PG-13 or R, say
12 Sylphlike
14 Fit out
15 "Amaaazing!"
16 Is a witness
17 Comedian John who is said to resemble a love child of
   Harry Potter and Owl from "Winnie-the-Pooh"
18 Ottawa leader
19 Stun gun
20 Like part of a dress affected by static cling, say
22 Hootenanny
24 Word with gag and ground
25 Headwear for the big game?
27 Levy of "Schitt's Creek"
28 Isn't open about oneself
30 Drink cooler
33 Stereotypical Silicon Valley types
35 Act huffy?
37 Came out of the blue?
39 Launched weapons
41 Unwanted autocorrections
43 Bonny young lady
44 Influenza
45 Some Buddhist mandalas, e.g.
46 [More details below]
47 Acknowledgment of a poor performance
48 Schoolmaster for the classroom, e.g.
49 Italy's longest river
50 Spec for a script
51 Atlanta-based network
1 Parcel
2 Place to study cultures
3 They're issued by the Bureau of Consular Affairs
4 Suit cut between "classic" and "slim"
5 House of Saud title
6 Like some blankets and bars
7 Along with the anteater, one of two animals 
  in the order Pilosa
8 Less hurried
9 "Pfft, this one doesn't work"
10 Count ___
11 Currency whose name means, literally, "round"
13 More than a couple
14 Skin-toned cosmetic
16 Silent film star known as the "Man of 
   a Thousand Faces"
18 Disciplinarians, at times
20 Something often seen with trunks
21 Fold
23 British pop star with more "Ed Sullivan Show"
   appearances than the Beatles
26 It gets bald over time
29 Going down the drain, in a way
30 Inits. at a bar
31 Place to get a wax
32 Summit goal
34 Back
36 Occupied
38 Can opener
40 Cattle-grazing tract
42 Looks like
44 Good name for a biologist?
45 Collect dust
46 ___ Taylor-Johnson, director of "Fifty
   Shades of Grey"